Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is important to prepare for any operation. This means preparing psychologically, physically and sometimes financially. Ideally, one should receive family support. 

All surgery is a trade-off-especially cosmetic surgery. To get a great looking flat tummy after having a few children for example, one has a tummy tuck. This means one trades the improved shape/ flatter tummy for an operation leaving some scarring-in this case most of the scar is hidden-but there is still a scar.

Certain drugs may have an adverse impact on surgery.  Some drugs must be continued eg for hypertension/high blood pressure. It is important that you know which drugs can/should be continued and which cannot. Some people take Ecotrin routinely, not seeing this as a drug. It causes bleeding-and the effect lasts a week after a tablet is taken.

Certain vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies can also adversely affect surgical outcome. Many people don t know this so assume that these pills etc are safe. Again, check with your doctor.

Before a general anaesthetic, one cannot eat or drink from midnight the night before the operation.However, one can eat and drink before a local anaesthetic procedure, but the meal should be a light one.