Breast Reduction

Breast enlargement causing backache, and shoulder and neck pain in a not uncommon problem confronting many women of all ages. In addition, as the breast enlarges it usually drops leading to drooping which aggravates the strain on the back.

A breast reduction is the answer. It does 3 things
1. reduces the size of the breast
2. lifts the breast (and the nipple ) up
3. reduces the size of the areola (the coloured part of the breast adjacent to the nipple )

There are 2 commonly used incisions and resulting scars-and the choice depends on age, size of breast etc.

This operation leads to improved confidence at all ages. Additionally, it improves the posture and allows the women greater freedom to choose their clothing. Probably the greatest benefit is the freedom from continuous backache and constant neck pain.


It is not a particularly painful procedure-and at worst an overnight stay in hospital may be required. Many women are able to have the procedure performed as a day case, implying it is not necessary to even stay in hospital.

The right procedure or treatment plan for you will depend on your unique needs and goals. The best way to received individualised recommendations is to book a consultation and speak with Professor Hudson in person.