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The correct medical term is brachioplasty.

Some people are born with large arms-and in these patients liposuction is an ideal procedure to reduce the circumference of the arms. It is associated with minimal scarring and almost always done as a day case (i.e. hospital stay is not necessary) procedure under a light anaesthetic. The procedure improves women’s confidence. It allows women the freedom to choose their clothing and enables them to wear sleeveless outfits.

The ageing process also takes its toll on the arms. The ageing arm is characterised by excess drooping skin on the undersurafce of the arms and is noticed when the arms are lifted. Some patients complain of flapping skin hanging on their arms, while others complain of feeling as if they have a pair of wings. Surgery often consists of skin excision and may be combined with liposuction.


The latter problem is particularly troublesome to patients who have lost a great deal of weight. In these people, the problem of skin excess extends beyond the shoulder onto the chest. The excess skin needs to be excised. A scar is placed on the inside of the arm and may extend onto the chest.

The right procedure or treatment plan for you will depend on your unique needs and goals. The best way to received individualised recommendations is to book a consultation and speak with Professor Hudson in person. 

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